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Project Abstract

The Dynamics of Evolutionary Processes in Culture, Language, and Physiology of the Mongolian and Russian Ethnic Groups at Micropopulation Level”

The research is supported Russian Foundation for Humanities, Ministry of Education and Science of Mongolia, grant for research project No 13-23-03003 (2013-2015)

The project is interdisciplinary in nature. It aims to identify the dynamics of the evolutionary processes of the Mongolian and Russian ethnic groups, living in the territory of the Russian and Mongolian Altai, based on the study of social, cultural, linguistic, psychophysiological, and morphofunctional features at micropopulation level (i.e. the explored contingent is teenagers of 12 ...14 years of different sexes).

The research is divided into three parts, each of which runs through the whole life of the project.

The first part of the project related to the study of specific evolutionary changes in the ethnic consciousness of the Mongolian and Russian teenagers. The main features of interaction and mutual influence of frontier people in various socio-cultural conditions of the environment will be identified with cross-cultural practices.

The second part of the project related to the study of the evolutionary change mechanisms in the Mongolian and Russian languages. The main method of this part is a psycholinguistic experiment, aimed at occasional verbalization of non-nominated acoustic and visual signals by native Mongolian and Russian speakers (teenagers). Special attention will be paid to the peripheral effects (onomatopoeia, interjections, pseudowords) and their "potential space" in the evolution of language.

The third part of the project involves identifying morphological and functional characteristics of organisms and psychophysiological characteristics of Mongolian and Russian teenagers at micro-evolutionary level. The features of adolescent development of Mongolian and Russian nationalities under the influence of the unique conditions of the social and ecological environment will be revealed with anthropometric and psychophysiological methods.

The identifying of factors and conditions that influence on the nature of socio-cultural, linguistic, psychophysiological and morphofunctional development of the Mongolian and Russian ethnic groups at micropopulation level will be the main result of the project.

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